Working with Willem Dafoe, being a “bad kid”, separating the art from the artist, and finding a career later in life with Bria Vinaite

February 13, 2019

Bria Vinaite is a ~*~gemini~*~, actress, writer (she's working on her own script!!!!), and all around POSITIVITY SPREADER! You may recognize her from either her instagram handle @ChronicFlowers , or maybe from that really amazing movie called The Florida Project. Both are equally as likely. I first met Bria at a dinner for Tiffany & Co (Shoutout Natalia Sanchez!!) and knew I wanted to be her friend immediately. 

Listen to us talk about her experience working with Willem Dafoe, being a "bad kid", the balance between separating the art from the artist (or in some cases not at all), and finding a career later in life.

She's @ChronicFlowers and I'm @Atlantabean


Why are our feelings collateral damage? With Ashleigh Tribble

January 21, 2019

Ashleigh Tribble is an intersectional feminist, activist, and cultural commentator. I came accross Ashleigh’s Instagram because she was one of the first girls to post about the revolve fat-phobic drama (do y’all remember that?) I respected the F*CK out of her ability to call shit out and say it how it was...

Most recently she’s been approached by Teen Vogue to do interviews surrounding her most recent “call out” of Savage X Fenty sizing and just last week she posted photos of asshole tinder daters and explanations of why toxic dating culture is so hurtful. There may or may not be a little bit of tea spilled, too. 

All I’ll say is... I *GUARANTEE* if you’re female identifying, you’re going to feel EMPOWERED after listening to this episode. Ashleigh literally brought me to tears. I could’ve listened to her speak for another whole hour.

PSA: Men, we don't hate you, we just know you can do better.


She's @AshleighChubbyBunny and I'm @Atlantabean


Sex Work Is Work

January 7, 2019

According to the Sex Workers Outreach Program, sex work is any type of labor where the explicit goal is to produce a sexual response in the client. Sex work includes prostitution, but it also includes a bunch of other things such as stripping, webcam work, porn, phone sex, being a sugar baby, etc.

There are many, many, many articles posted online about sex work, but they're typically written by researchers and academics-- AKA not from sex workers themselves.

I recently had a friend of mine share with me that she was a sex worker and that she wanted to start speaking openly about it in hopes of removing stigma and eventually decriminalizing sex work. She chose to stay anonymous because unfortunately sex workers are some of the most stigmatized and marginalized people.

She took the time to sit with me and educate me on so many of the issues sex workers face. I think this is a very important topic that needs to be spoken about more. Due to the recent passing of the SESTA/FOSTA bill, raising awareness about sex work has never been more important. 

If you are interested in learning about the realities of consensual (consensual sex work is different than human trafficking, although they are often lumped together) sex work please listen to this podcast. Educate yourself. It's 2019!

Regardless of how you feel about the sex work industry, sex workers, like any other people who work any other job, deserve support and basic protection.The ability to safely work and support themselves financially is a human right.



The judgement that comes with owning ones sexuality and body, spiritual awakenings, and being a young mom with Yaris Sanchez

November 14, 2018

Yaris Sanchez is a Dominican Republic born, NYC raised, model, aspiring actress (she's been working hard in acting classes and that shit is NOT easy), hot momma, and vintage style queen. She's been featured in some magazines which you've probably heard of - Vogue, Dazed, Esquire, the Fader, AND New York Magazine. She's built a loyal following on Instagram/Twitter/and Facebook over the last few years and now she's using it to inspire others.

Listen to us talk about the judgement that comes with owning ones sexuality and body, spiritual awakenings, and being a young mom.

She's @Yaris_Sanchez

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Authenticity, self care, and “grown up” friendships with Candace Reels AKA Female Collective

October 29, 2018

For my 20th episode (YAY!!!!) My guest is Candace Reels She is an LA-based activist and the founder of Female Collective, an apparel brand and online community that celebrates, empowers, supports, and uplifts all women.

Her instagram @FemaleCollective is one of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. She ALWAYS brings the heat with female-oriented, down with the patriarchy, intersectional feminist memes, twitter screenshots, motivational (but not in a corny way) posts. I've been wanting to have her on my podcast since the very beginning and I'm SO glad we finally got to do it. 

Listen to us talk about authenticity, self care, and "grown up" friendships. 

She's @CandaceReels founder of @FemaleCollective 

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How her wellness journey began, being a business woman in 2018, and turning negatives into positives with Hannah Bronfman

October 15, 2018

Hannah Bronfman is the definition of a modern day Renassaince woman. She is a wellness guru, a world wide adidas ambassador (you may have caught her in a commecial during the Oscars), an author (pre-order her book "Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to treat your body right available on Amazon now), the founder of HBFit a blog focusing on beauty, health, and wellness, a damn good DJ, an app creator, and a style queen. 

Hannah was one of the first girls I know who took her background in music and fashion and combined it with health and wellness. She always seems to be moving forward developing new projects, but also continuing to grow the ones shes already created. She's a legit business woman and I learned a hell of a lot from sitting down with her for an hour. I will definitely be listening to this episode again. Thank you Hannah!

Listen to us talk about how her wellness journey began, being a business woman in 2018, and turning negatives into positives.

She's @HannahBronfman

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Communication, overthinking, and lots of sex with Shelby Sells

October 1, 2018

Shelby Sells is a writer, director, and photojournalist based out of NYC. Shelby interviews people of all ages, genders, and races on their experiences with love, sex, and relationships. She's also back in school working towards her getting her masters in psychology. Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.

Listen to us talk about communication, overthinking, and lots and lots of sex. *Wink wink*

She's @SweaterPupz

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Creating something of your own, supporting other women, and Janet Jackson with Laura Brown

September 17, 2018

Laura Brown is the editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine. We originally met when she was working at Harper's Bazaar, and she has always been one of the loveliest people I've known in the fashion industry. She breaks down her entire work history, starting from working at a little Australian magazine called Mode, to where she is now. Laura was kind enough to let me set up all my nerdy podcast gear in her big girl office in downtown NYC.

One of my favorite things about Laura is that she doesn't take herself too seriously, and is, as she states "down to clown". She left me with some great tidbits of advice which I'm stoked I get to share with all of you.

Listen to us talk about creating something of your own, supporting other women, and Janet Jackson. 

She's @LauraBrown99

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Technology from the early 2000s, spirituality, and calling out misogynists with Greta Titelman

September 10, 2018

Greta Titelman is a comedian and co-host of the podcast Lady Lovin

Listen to us talk about technology from the early 2000s, spirituality, and calling out misogynists. 

She's @Gertiebird

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Body neutrality, moving schools, and bulimia with Charli Howard

August 27, 2018

Charli Howard is an author of TWO books Splash and Misfit, an activist, model, and the co-founder of the All Woman Project


***The All Woman Project is a non profit foundation aiming to better the lives of girls and women worldwide by displaying true, beautiful, positive and unretouched images of women in photos and video campaigns. AWP organizes many events, workshops, and meetings for different age groups, and encourages those who participate to form their own clubs and organizations so that they may carry the message of self-love into their own communities.***

Charli is someone I've followed closely since we first met at the AWP (All Woman Project) + Aerie collaboration party. Watching her journey (mostly online) has been really inspiring. She's as smart and clever as she is beautiful and it was a real treat to do this podcast with her. 

Listen to us talk about body neutrality, changing schools, and bulimia.

She's @CharliHoward

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