Jane Belfry

July 9, 2018

My guest this week is Jane Belfry. Jane has a website called The Thicc and it's really fucking rad. Jane comes from a background of writing, personal shopping, and styling, which all point toward creating a platform like The Thicc!

The Thicc is a women's lifestyle website centered around all the good stuff AKA beauty, mental wellness, fashion, and pretty much ALL other things related to our bodies. In starting The Thicc she's hoping to create an open, honest, funny, and candid conversation around EVERY FACET of female identifying people. Amen sister.

I think we talk about every single topic possible, but SOME of the things we mention are affordable therapy, skin care on a budget, HATRED of exercise/cardio, CBD oil, shorts (y'all know how I feel about these- and apparently I'm NOT alone in it), online shopping (and the nightmare of ordering multiple different sizes and hoping one of them fits right), and being okay with not loving EVERY single particle and scar on your body.

You can also head over to The Thicc and read more indepth on a lot of these issues. Which I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, reccomend. 

She's @JaneBelfry 

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Ali Tate Cutler

June 21, 2018

For this episode I’m sitting with Ali Cutler. We met in a very 2018 way… INSTAGRAM! I ended up stalking her online because I loved so many of the pieces she designed in her collaboration with Reformation. We met for the first time the other night where she was dancing up a storm on a concert hall balcony! My kind of girl.

Ali is a model at Muse Management who's based in NYC. She is both a body positivity and environmental advocate. She is also a California native (which could explain her love of nature, maybe?), a lover of pitbulls, a certified yoga instructor, AND a Lord of The Rings fan girl (Gandalf, where you at?)

Listen to us talk about vision boards, hormonal acne, designing clothing collaborations, Gaia Theory (she really broke it down and DAMN it’s amazing), being yourself in the fashion industry, “in-betweenies”, spirituaity, and treating the world with love.

She's @Ali_Tate_Cutler

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Rachael Finley AKA Instasteak

May 10, 2018

I hunted down Rachael Finley (AKA @instasteak) by harassing my other friends and trying to get her number. Her handle was always popping up on my feed and with a name like Steak, I recognized it. She looked like someone I would want to be friends with, and after this podcast… I think we’re real friends now? Rachael- correct me if I’m wrong.

She is a clothing designer/business owner- Her two lines are called Hot Lava and Teenage. She has an advice column called Steak Talk and it’s got a serious following. If you have any questions for Mizz Steak, check it out at http://steaktalk.tumblr.com/. She’s also mom to an incredibly cute four year old girl named Mars, and two gargantuan dogs named Primo and Valentine.

Listen to us talk about bringing kids into the world when you’ve had a challenging childhood, speaking about your feelings to people you’re intimidated by, trying new things, nakedness, Gloria Allred (she interviewed her for Vice and I’m so jealous), social media rules in intimate relationships, and fair weather friends.

I'm... @Atlantabean

And she's @Instasteak

also... cute clothes here --> @ShopHotLava @Teenage


Anonymous: In Honor Of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 26, 2018

For those of you who don't know, April is sexual assault awareness month. I thought it would be a good opportunity to focus mostly on that in this episode. This episode is different then others I've put out in that my guest is remaining anonymous. She was willing to sit with me and tell me her story, but preffered to keep it private which I completely understand.

I think it's important to share our conversation with you because I've found that being able to relate to other women who have gone through what I've gone through has truly been one of the most healing things through this entire process. 

We talk a lot about life after the fact, which includes things such as... bad dates, wearing the same clothes for months on end, weight gain, dick cleanses, rude police officers, having your attacker contact you, finding forgiveness, and reclaiming your body in the korean spa. BUT... even through all of the heaviness there are some really good laughs and we definitely find the humor in all of it. 

I hope that these kinds of conversations can help remove the shame around sexual assault. I still struggle with it myself, although it is MUCH MUCH MUCH better then it was when it first happened. My goal in speaking about it is that we can move towards a world where women and girls don't feel as ashamed, alone, or embaressed about what happened to them.

Enjoy the episode. You are all loved!

I'm @Atlantabean 


Amber Schiffer

April 12, 2018

Since April is sexual assault awareness month, I thought it would be awesome to speak to some of my friends about their experiences with assault/rape. (I still find it hard to use the "R" word) In this episode, my friend Amber and I share with each other our experience moving through our assaults and the tools we used and things we did that helped us get to the other side. It was a really incredible experience for me to sit down with Amber and I hope you'll feel that too. As a PSA I should mention: We are NOT professionals (Counselors, therapists, etc). 

Amber and I met on a photoshoot she was producing. She's a woman's health advocate (she spoke on behalf of Planned Parenthood in California's capital, Sacramento), she worked at Vogue, is mom to a teeny weeny pug named Mabel, a Harvard Graduate, and a sexual assault survivor. 

Listen to us talk about having PTSD while being intimate after the fact, trying to socialize and make new friends, discussing (or not) your assault with a new partner, abortions, and salads vs sandwhiches.



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Jesse Jo Stark

March 29, 2018

I've known Jesse Jo pretty much my entire life. Our families were friends which meant we were friends. I've always had the biggest girl crush on her. When people ask me who my style icon is she always comes to mind. Real talk. She's one of those people who has a certain "je ne sais quoi"... As the French would say. In listening back to this podcast I realized how cool it is that even though we've had our ups and downs, we're still tight as hell. I'm very lucky to have her as a friend. 

Jesse Jo is a musician (her debut album is coming out in September!!!! VERY exciting news), a clothing designer (She designs a hell of a lot for her family company Chrome Hearts), a SELF PROCLAIMED "Halloween Whore" (AKA an Elvira in the making), and one of the most generous people I know.

Listen to us talk about year long Halloween, our partying days, the word "chick", little sisters who are millenials, bikini pics, seperating from our families, and girl compliments.

This podcast will probably make our boyfriends jealous. We love eachother a lot.



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Marilyn Rondón

March 21, 2018

I was immediately intrigued by Marilyn when we first met. She’s Venezuelan born and Miami raised, a Kundalini yoga instructor in training, an author (her book is called “Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos"), and a multidisciplinary artist who advocates for mental health through her work. Her ability to discuss enemas with a straight face is a quality I truly appreciate and respect.

Listen to us talk about deep breathing and meditation, male validation, psychadelics, getting stood up, and out of body experiences.


Buy her book here!



Brooke Candy

March 15, 2018

Brooke is a new friend but I am so glad we found each other. I knew we'd get along when we started talking about astrology and runes. She is an incredibly talented performance artist and director and I admire her creativity and dedication to her craft. If you're wondering what I'm talking about just look her up on YouTube and check out her many music videos.

Listen to us talk about long term relationships, daddy issues, trauma (and tools to deal with it), strip clubs, and identity.




Kay Kasparhauser

March 8, 2018

I've watched Kay walk through an incredible amount of adversity and got to witness her coming through on the other side. She knows almost everything about pop culture, is in a bad ass girl band, and can quote multiple different medial text books. 


Listen to us talk about brain surgeries, bad (and good) dates, eating disorders, being bipolar, and Elliot Stabler.





Tallulah Willis

March 1, 2018

Tallulah is one of my most well rounded friends. She is wise beyond her years and an amazing example of what fighting for yourself looks like. She doesn't take herself too seriously (a very important quality), is a talented artist, a self proclaimed "work in progress", and a lover of Steve Buscemi. 

Listen to us talk about Coachella, self love, bad outfits, being antisocial, and public perception.